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Little Brown Abode

Minimal Modern Contour Buildable Ovals

Since its emergence in 2020, Little Brown Abode has established itself as the ultimate go-to for your design needs. Their forte lies in creating stunning interiors, incorporating captivating props, and developing striking graphics and branding strategies.

Ready to snag some goodies from LBA? Just drop a DM over at our shoppe page, @shoppebrownabode.

wooden parat bowl

willow basket

daisy framed art

wooden mortar

mini rush bench

natural elm stool

sage turkish pot

marble bowl

floral still life

brass candlestick holder

lba tote bag

foraging basket

vintage jug

brass candlestick holders

bronze snuffer

brass ornate mirror

candlestick holders

milk glass candlestick holders

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Minimal Modern Contour Buildable Square
Minimal Modern Contour Buildable Square

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Little Brown Abode